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MK Glow is an artist-friendly and feature-rich post-processing effect, for the Unity Engine, which simulates bright surface scattering of light.

In addition to the bloom, some highly customizable extras, like lens surface, lens flare and glare are available. This shader is compatible with the Legacy, Lightweight and High Definition Render Pipelines.

Watch it in action

Available on the Unity Asset Store

Everything you need for an excellent looking glow in just one tool

MK Glow is based on advanced AAA rendering techniques to provide a substantial visual quality, incredible flexibility and fast rendering – all combined in an easy to use adaptive workflow . Furthermore, it utilizes all gpu capacities including MRT, Geometry Shaders and Direct Compute . The effect automatically scales the settings, based on the active graphics API down to Shader Model 2, which allows the rendering to be used on nearly every device out there. The package also includes advanced built-in shaders, to bring the effect to screen & world spaced UI’s and Sprites. 

Key features

Legacy, Lightweight and HD Render Pipelines

Portable to Custom Scriptable Render Pipelines

Super-fast rendering

Built-in quality settings

Luma based color scaling

Direct Compute & Geometry Shader & MRT based rendering

Debug views for every single rendering step


Artist-friendly, fast and easy to set up

Lens Surface dirt & diffraction

Lens Flare & Halo



Volume blending


Anamorphic ratio scaling

Temporal stable anti-flicker filtering

Unified editor

Advanced built-in shaders for UI and sprite

Two intuitive workflows


XR compatible


„Very nice asset“

Simple to use and produces great effects. Well worth your time and money.


Largely straightforward to use, and at a great price to match. It works really well for simulating bright lights, and the results are impressively realistic.

Awesome asset, Awesome support!

Thanks! Glow is great and we received very complex support from Developer. I don’t mean help with integration but something way more 😉 Keep up the good work, Cheers!

A requirement in your shader arsenal!

Absolutely Fabulous shader. It achieves so much with so little! This should be part of the unity tool box!

Superb Glow & Awesome Support

This is one of the best asset you should try for your game. The glowing is just perfect. The parameters are perfect, it gives you flexibility to modify the glow to match your needs.